Create a Website Step By Step

As much as we are conversant with internet one maybe asking what is a website? A website is a collection of World Wide Web (www) files that also include the beginning file called home page. If one want to get to somebody’s website one need to know the address of the homepage and then you can get the access to all another site one want to access. The website is a free site that is used as a business site or as blogs page one can use to air his ideas to the rest of the world. The website is made up of hundreds of thousands of pages interlinked together. Web design service singapore | provide essential steps for creating a website includes the following;

  • Getting domain name for your website, this is the name that you want to give your website, it’s advisable to come up with a good domain name that come attract the attention of other people that may be interested with your site as well, to get your domain name one need to pay for annual fee to registrar of website, domain name is just like the name of business, but one needs a license to start using it.
  • You also need to choose the host as well as create an account. A web host is an authorized company that as many computers connected to the internet and act like a server that provide internet services such that when they host your website when one access your website one can be able to see the services that you are offering in your website, it’s always advisable to find a good web host because not all web host provide a quality services as required
  • Designing a website, after you are acquired the domain name and the web host, you need to design a website itself. You can do it by yourself if you think you are capable of doing it, or you can hire a website designer to do it on your behave. There is much consideration that are put into an account when creating a website but as a beginner you only need to get something in your website and then keep on improving every day on petty issues like quality and increasing the number of pages that you need and interlink them.
  • Testing whether your website is doing what’s supposed to do. You need to be continuously testing if the website is doing what’s it was meant to do, not many website designer exhaustively do this important function and therefore, you will be required to do it throughout you entire website development.
  • Collecting debit cards information and money, if your website was meant to be business website one need to implement the way of collecting the money through capturing the credit card information remember this is the important part of your business that need to be coded with a lot of care.
  • Marketing your website; just like any other business, the website also needs to be advertised to the customers if you are dealing with the business website.

There are many website development issues and steps that cannot be discussed exhaustively and therefore, it’s important to dig more knowledge about website development if you are interested in developing a quality website. However, the above tutorial should be able to guide you host your website on the internet.


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