4 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Responsive

It’s no secret that mobile phones are becoming an important of our life. According to the latest stats, 94% of smartphone users in the USA search for local information on their phones. Another source reveals that 61% of people have a positive viewpoint towards brands that offer better mobile experience. So if you are a businessman, with these stats, you can very well imagine how important it has become to offer a mobile optimized experience to your customers if you want to gain a competitive edge in this tough marketplace.

Know What are the most important principles of web design?

Following are some of the other reasons why you should make a responsive website:

Reduces Bounce Rate:

If you are accessing the desktop version of a website on your mobile device, some of its elements such as images, content and buttons may not be visible. This leads to bad customer experience and make them move onto any other website which is presenting information in a better way. Therefore, the bounce rate of a website which is not mobile friendly is extremely high. To make your visitors to stay on your site for longer, you need to think about making your site responsive.

Google Promotes Mobile-Friendliness:

Google on April 21, 2015 declared a new algorithm named Mobilegeddon which confirmed that mobile accessibility of a website will greatly impact its ranking in mobile SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). While responsive websites will be ranked higher in search engine results pages, unresponsive websites will be ranked lower, making them to lose thousands of visitors who access the Internet from their mobile devices. Those websites that don’t meet Google standards of mobile-friendliness can be penalized by the company.

Preferred for SEO:

Google prefers responsive web design over mobile templates. The reason being the responsive web pages that have only single URL are easily crawled by Google bot and also reduces the chances of on-page SEO errors. A single Googlebot crawls your page only once, rather than crawling multiple pages with different Googlebot. This increases Google’s crawling efficiency and helps it to index more of your site’s content and rank it quickly and appropriately.

Increases Leads and Sales:

According to Google’s Think Insights, there is a 61% chance that users will leave your site if they are frustrated with it. Hence, your customer experience matters a lot if you want to increase leads and drive sales. From the latest stats on mobile-friendliness, it’s clear that your audience will visit your website and make purchases only if they are having a mobile friendly experience. A mobile website increases customer engagement with your brand which leads to the probability of more leads and sales.

Does web design layout affect SEO?

Previously, making your website responsive was an option, but now it has become more of a need. With Google focusing more on such sites, it has become imperative for the marketers to design a responsive website if they really want

 Article is from: http://novage.com.sg/blog/4-reasons-why-your-website-should-be-responsive/

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